B.Sc. in Science & Technology

I found the whole experience totally rewarding, I have now completed the degree and in the process I have made many friends from different industries and changed my career direction to engineering in the Medical Devices industry. The interaction and support between classmates and tutors is great and the course subjects are interesting and applicable. The blend of continuous assessment coupled with end of semester exams caters well for students with different learning skills.
Daniel McWalter, B.Sc. in Science & Technology Graduate 2011
It took me just over 4 years to complete the BSc in Science and Technology Studies with AUA. I am delighted to have completed it and enjoyed my time studying. The tutors and co-ordinators of the course are very helpful and understand that it is difficult to divide time between working, family time and study. The course is orientated to provide theory with practical examples and understanding. The online delivery of the modules is efficient and forums allow for interaction with tutors and input and help from other students. I would highly recommend studying any course with AUA.
Dara Kirwan, B.Sc. in Science & Technology Graduate 2011
I really enjoyed the time I had studying at NUIG. The quality of teaching and relaxed atmosphere put me at ease. University education helped me to plan my career options and broaden my opportunities. I want to thank all staff and tutors for being friendly and helpful.
Almaz Kuregenov, B.Sc. in Science & Technology Graduate 2011

Diploma in Science & Technology Studies

The Modular Programme in Science and Technology Studies provided by the AUA perfectly suits my needs. Having last been in 3rd level in the late 80s/early 90s, I was nervous about returning to education, particularly in a different discipline. I am a business graduate originally so this is a big departure for me even though it is an area of interest. Also, due to the demanding nature of my work, I am unable to attend regular weekday tutorials and the ability to study when it suits me is immeasurable. Other friends, colleagues & relatives are doing similar distance learning courses but none have the blended learning approach tuned to the same degree as AUA. The facility to log in and access the course material while travelling means I do not have large gaps between learning sessions. The support level provided by tutors and administration staff is excellent with queries of any type usually answered very promptly. This is the defining difference between AUA & other courses. The course material is presented in an easy to digest format and the collaborative tools provided through the Moodle software are simple and easy to use while being perfectly functional, not to mention practical laboratory sessions where appropriate. The blended learning approach suits different styles of learning, i.e. some reading, some visual presentations/animations, web-links, practical lab sessions and so on. The general atmosphere on the course is friendly & fun which also helps. After all, learning should also be fun!
Derrick O’Hanlon, Diploma in Science & Technology Graduate 2010
I really enjoyed this course. It is relevant, well designed and tailored for those of us who need a good balance of distance learning and on-campus tutorials.
Tom Healy, Diploma in Science & Technology Student
I have now completed a diploma and am continuing on to a degree through Adult Education in NUIG. I found the distance learning course a wonderful way to combine study with full time working. My tutors and course coordinators were all very helpful, always available for advice and guidance and I have also made many great friends. I would highly recommend it.
Dara Kirwan, Diploma in Science & Technology Graduate 2009

Specialist Diploma in Lean & Quality Systems

Following a ten year break from college, I decided to up-skill by completing the Diploma in Lean & Quality Systems so that I could change career from that of construction management. The broad range of topics covered in the syllabus has given me a great understanding of how the different lean principles are interlinked and how they are applied in a variety of industries. I feel the workplace project provided an ideal opportunity to study how a manufacturing firm could operate from a lean perspective, whilst also contributing to their operations. Not alone am I working towards the Diploma award, but the add-on Six Sigma Green Belt certification which is part of the course is a well recognised qualification which makes the programme high-value for me. I always found the course coordinators and lecturers very helpful and accessible; and the lecturers’ practical experience of industry was especially insightful for students like me from a non-manufacturing background.
Padraig Coyne, Specialist Diploma in Lean & Quality Systems Graduate 2012
The Lean & Quality Systems course was very beneficial as it outlined the requirements needed for improving industry standards and output within an organisation. This course helped me greatly understand the efforts being made at my organisation to improve the operations and bring about the best quality product possible for the customer. The Lean & Quality Systems course gave me a greater understanding of the techniques used to create the best possible product with the least amount of defects. This course is extremely helpful for anyone wanting to be involved in progressing within their organisation and providing input to improve their organisation’s product and output.
Laura Joyce, B.Sc. Graduate 2012
Finding myself out of work and with a skills shortage, I found the Springboard website and took a Specialist Diploma in Lean and Quality Systems at NUI Galway. The course kept me positive and focussed, added a significant level of education to my CV and has enabled me to find a new employer who is keen to use my new found skills. I had strong support from both Springboard and NUIG from registration and right throughout the course.
Steve Shanahan, Specialist Diploma in Lean & Quality Systems Graduate 2012
The Lean & Quality Systems course provided a very structured approach to Lean toolbox and Six Sigma methodologies. The tutors were very helpful and the manuals provided the knowledge necessary to identify opportunities for improvement and how to utilize them. I would recommend the course to anyone in service or manufacturing industry who is interested in improving the business processes at their work place.
Mikolaj Ratajczak, B.Sc. Graduate 2012
The course and the trainers were excellent. It has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure and gave me an excellent grasp on Lean & Quality Systems. The skills I learned will be invaluable to me. Excellent course and highly recommended.
Pierce Holden, B.Sc. Graduate 2011
The course provides students with advanced knowledge of the practical application of continuous improvement methodologies and their organisations with a completed, sustained continuous improvement project through the application of both Lean Tools and key change management techniques.
Paul Carty, Lean Industry Professional

Specialist Diploma in Medical Device Science

I cannot recommend highly enough the Specialist Diploma in Medical Device Design offered at the National University of Ireland Galway. I was struggling to break into the drug device industry with my Pharmacy degree when I graduated from TCD in 2008. The specialist diploma opened many doors for me and just before graduating from the Diploma last year I was offered a wonderful job with a leading orthopaedic device company. I am convinced that this was based solely on the specialist diploma I had completed. Not only did I get first hand tuition from academic and industry professionals working directly with leading research and industry enterprises but I met like minded people from a variety of academic backgrounds which contributed to a really challenging and interesting classroom environment. A really worthwhile investment.
Blathnaid Bohan, Specialist Diploma in Medical Device Science Graduate 2011
The Specialist Diploma in Medical Device Science perfectly complemented my recent introduction into the medical device industry. It provided me with the right mix of industry overview and technical detail to allow me to view my new role in the overall context of the industry as well as providing me with valuable links to various sources of information and resources relating to the medical device field.
Con Lucey, Specialist Diploma in Medical Device Science Graduate 2010

Specialist Diploma in Environmental Sustainability

The Specialist Diploma in Environmental Sustainability allowed me to gain very broad knowledge of the key subject areas that are paramount to a comprehensive understanding of Environmental sustainability. My expectations coming from a marketing background were to gain a good grounding and broad knowledge base of the key areas of the Environmental sustainability agenda and the course modules definitely achieved this. In particular the modules on Environmental Impact assessment and Environmental management systems were very practical and helpful as they were applied to real world examples.
Lisa Moran, Specialist Diploma in Environmental Sustainability Graduate 2012
It does feel great to be back in the workforce at last – having the Diploma was major factor in getting the job.
Ray Waldron, Diploma in Science & Technology Graduate 2011 / Specialist Diploma in Environmental Sustainability Graduate 2012