• Modular, flexible learning
  • Up-skilling /retraining module options
  • Select according to your professional development requirements


August 2019 or January 2020

Application Closing Dates:

Semester 1 Modules:
Sunday, 28th July 2019

Semester 2 Modules:
Sunday, 8th December 2019

How will I benefit?
Taking on an individual module can be extremely beneficial for students particularly for those who wish to reskill or retrain in a particular area. By focusing their sole attention on one particular module students can become experts in that topic.

Returning to College can be a daunting experience for people who have been out of education for some time. Getting into a study and exam routine will be a new experience for many, however taking a module on a standalone basis can assist students in this learning curve and getting ready for their return to study. Students who successfully complete a module(s), will be exempted from this module in the future should they wish to pursue the complete programme award at a later date.

What type of modules are they?
All of the programmes on offer by the Atlantic University Alliance are industry-focused, offering practical, up-to-date knowledge in the areas of Science and Technology, Product and Process Innovation and Technology Commercialisation. Students will study the underlying theories in relation to their chosen module while also looking at their practical application for today’s industry.

Learning Objectives
Learning objectives differ for each of the modules on offer. You are encouraged to check out the curriculum details within the programme information area of your selected module.

The modules are offered over 1 semester on a part-time basis. Semester 1 commences in late August and continues (including examination until mid-December), and semester 2 commences in mid-January and continues until late May (including examinations). Depending on your chosen module, students should expect to attend class on average once per month for a total of 2 – 2.5 hours per module.

Blended Learning
The programme modules are delivered using a blended approach, that is, a combination of distance/online learning materials combined with face-to-face tutorials and seminars where you will meet up with fellow students and tutors. In general students study at their own pace, however there are set deliverables such as assignments, requirements to participate in some on-line learning activities which are part of each module.
The online element facilitates the learning in tandem with the distance-education, hardcopy materials and periodic classroom contact. Students will be required to attend seminars on average once per month. Students should note that seminars will be held on a revolving basis at NUI Galway, UL or UCC in the case of the postgraduate modules and in either NUI Galway or UL in the case of the undergraduate modules.

Modules are assessed by a combination of written assignments during the semester and a formal examination at the end of each semester. A selection of assignments will be group orientated.

The following modules are offered on a standalone basis and are taught via blended learning.

Diploma in Science & Technology Studies

Module TitleNFQ LevelECTSSemester
Science, Technology and Innovation76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Chemistry76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Analytical Chemistry76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Introduction to Management76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Design of Engineering Systems76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Statistics76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Organisational Behaviour76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Introduction to Quality Management76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Biology and Biotechnology I76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Biology and Biotechnology II76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Physics I76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Physics II76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Operations Engineering76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Introduction to Operations Engineering76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Information Technology76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
CAD Modelling76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Database Applications76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Introduction to Environmental Science76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Molecular Medicine76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Introduction Management Science76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Maths I76Semester 2 (Jan-May)
Maths II76Semester 1 (Aug-Dec)
Students opting to take module(s) under the modular learning route do so mainly for professional development reasons. Some students will already have attained a previous diploma or degree award and wish to upskill or retrain in a particular area which has undergone change in recent years since their original qualification and wish to supplement their existing award.

Equally, students opt for standalone modules in areas which are unrelated to any previous work experience or qualifications that they may have and are seeking a new career direction. In this instance, students may select free-standing modules for the purposes of “tasting” this subject area with a view to completing the full programme award at a later date.

The fees are €380 per Level 7 and 8 module (6ECTS), €875 per 5ECTS Level 9 module and €1,750 per 10ECTS Level 9 module.

This fee includes:

  • Registration
  • Exam & Tutor Fees
  • Course Materials
  • Meals/Refreshments during seminars at the distance learning locations (level 9 modules only)

Prospective students on the following allowances may be eligible for a 30% reduction in fees:

  • Jobseekers benefit
  • Jobseekers allowance
  • One-parent family allowance
  • Disability allowance
  • Social insurance contribution credits

A separate scholarship application form applies and is available in the Apply Online section of this site.

Entry Requirements
Applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements of the programme from which the selected module is taken. So as a first step check out the entry requirements and application details on the ‘APPLY’ page of the relevant programme.

Application Deadlines
Modules are delivered either August to December or January to May. The closing date for modules starting in late August is the last Sunday in June each year. The closing date for modules starting in January is the second Sunday in December each year.

Apply Online
The next step is to apply on-line. Choose the Modular Learning link at the appropriate QQI level

On-line application forms are available here.