• Delivered via blended learning
  • Innovative combination of science and technology studies
  • Highly flexible for modular learning
  • Catering for skills requirements in technology rich, high-tech industries


end August, 2020

Closing Date:

Round 1    Sunday, May 24, 2020

Round 2    Sunday, June 21, 2020

Round 3    Sunday, August 9, 2020

Review dates for applications

BSc/Diploma in Science & Technology Studies
Applicants with a Diploma or General Degree (at level 7 on the NFQ) in the area of Science / Engineering / Technology and relevant work experience may be granted direct entry to the Degree cycle. Such applications are considered on a case by case basis by the programme board on submission of a completed application form, course syllabus and results transcript.

What type of course is it?
The modular programme in Science & Technology Studies is a part-time programme which focuses on the knowledge and skills requirements of high-tech industries. The modular structure is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling you to balance study with work and other commitments and to accumulate credits over a timeframe that suits your lifestyle. Learning is delivered by NUI Galway via a blend of distance and online resources, on-campus tutorials and labs, and company based projects.

The programme is the first of its kind in Ireland. Learning is delivered via a combination of distance and online resources, on-campus tutorials and practical sessions, and company-based projects. The modular structure enables you to study at a pace that suits you. The syllabus provides a comprehensive grounding in the foundations of Science, Engineering and Technology, and introduces areas of specialist knowledge found in high-tech operational environments.

How will I benefit?
This programme will appeal to students who are interested in the dynamic areas of Science & Technology. If you are employed or seeking employment, in a variety of technology-rich industries, such as medical and other precision devices, high-end manufacturing and bio-technology. It will provide students with an ideal platform from which to move into a managerial position and fast-track their career. Students will also get the benefit of gaining a qualification from a widely recognized and respected Universities.

Learning Objectives
On completion of the programme students will:

  • Gain a comprehensive grounding in the theoretical foundations of Science and Engineering
  • Be introduced to areas of applied and specialist knowledge found in today’s high tech environments
  • Have developed important managerial tools such as problem-solving, decision-making and advanced communication skills

The course is offered on a part-time basis using Blended Learning. The Diploma can be completed in a minimum of two or a maximum of four years. The Degree cycle can also be completed in an additional two to four years.

Blended Learning
The programme is delivered using a blended approach, that is, a combination of distance/online learning materials combined with face-to-face tutorials and seminars. The online element facilitates the learning in tandem with the distance-education, hardcopy materials and periodic classroom contact.

The programme requires attendance on campus for approximately 10 hours per module, mainly on Saturdays, which equates with four sessions per module. Seminars will be held at NUI Galway.

Assessment is through assignments, written exams and in some cases practical laboratory sessions. Exams take place at the end of each semester. All modules from the programme will be individually assessed.

Diploma in Science & Technology Studies
Diploma in Science & Technology Studies The Diploma consists of 20 modules to be completed over a minimum of two and a maximum of four years. The modules on offer include:

  • Core modules which cover the foundations of Science, Engineering, Management and IT
  • Electives which allow students to specialize in an area of particular interest to them
  • Company-based projects to help students apply their learning in the workplace

Students who have successfully completed the Diploma can automatically progress to the Degree or the Specialist Diplomas.

Degree in Science & Technology Studies
Degree in Science & Technology Studies The Degree consists of an additional 20 modules to be taken over two to four years. The core modules are largely in the areas of production science and operations and systems management. The elective streams will enable students to specialize and deepen their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Lean & Quality Systems
  • Medical Device Science
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Mechanical Design
  • Form & Function of the Human Body
  • Automation & Control

Specialist Diplomas
The following specialist Diplomas are also available to students. For further details click below:

Modular Learning
If students wish to register for an individual module for the purposes of continuing professional development credit or updating their skills and knowledge, they may do so on a modular credit basis. Prospective students should check out the modular learning section of this website.

Career Opportunities

Management roles in the following sectors: medical devices, biotechnology, scientific services, high-end and specialist manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food science, etc.

Who’s Suited to This Course

The course is primarily intended to support those seeking career advancement in a variety of high tech industries such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and manufacturing. It will also appeal to those with a personal interest in Science and Technology.

The EU fee is 380 euro per module. Students taking the full range of modules to complete either the Diploma or Degree cycle over two academic years will pay 3,915 euros per annum. Fees cover materials, tuition and exams. The non-EU fee will include an additional payment of 500 euro per year.



The Centre for Adult Learning & Professional Development in NUI Galway offers a fees scholarship of up to 30% may be available for students who wish to upskill for the purposes of re-employment. Students must be registered as unemployed and in receipt of one of the following: Job-seekers Benefit, Job-seekers Allowance, One-parent family allowance, Disability allowance, Community Employment Scheme or signing for social insurance contribution credits. A separate application form applies and is available in the Apply Online section on this site.



Next Level Skillnet Funding

This course has been approved by Next Level Skillnet for a fees subsidy of up to 20% for students whose company is a member of the Next Level Skillnet Network. There are also free places available for students who are unemployed and meet the required criteria by Next Leve Skillnet.

Please note that there are only a limited number of subsidies available for both employed and unemployed students. Please visit www.nextlevel.ie for further information.

Entry Requirements
Applicants must have successfully completed the Diploma in Science & Technology Studies or a related NFQ Level 7 qualification, or otherwise prove that they satisfy the prerequisites of each of the modules as listed in the course brochure.

Next Steps

Your next step in participating in the Degree in Science & Technology is to complete an online application form. You will find this form in the Application Forms section of this web site.

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis via our system of Offer Rounds to facilitate decision making and early notification to applicants throughout the year. Applications will open on April 6, 2020.

  • Supporting documents include form of ID (birth cert/passport/drivers licence) and transcripts of exam results received.